Payment Testing


Payment Testing Services


Payment Testing

Payment TestingIML offers a full range of payment testing services with the range of tests, frequency of testing, method of reporting etc all set in accordance with individual client requirements. This service is provided 7 days a week and every day of the year. The laboratory operates for 10 hours each day with emphasis on ensuring results are available for milk purchasers and dairy farmers as quickly as possible after samples have been collected off farm.

Sample Collection

IML works with its clients to establish cost effective solutions for sample collection. IML is able to draw on the sample collection network operated by Progressive Genetics as necessary to assist in sample delivery to the lab


IML is able to provide all the consumables necessary to support payment testing, including pots, dippers, labels, racks for pots etc. These consumables can be delivered to relevant depots by IML.

Frequency of Testing

IML systems are designed to be flexible such that the frequency of testing is set in accordance with the requirements of each client. In addition each client is able to set its own rules for follow up testing and retrospective testing following ‘out of line' results or ‘failures'.


For ad hoc SCC or constituent testing contact IML